Umbanda is a religion of Brazil that combines influences of indigenous Brazilian religion, African religions, Catholicism, and Spiritism. Umbanda is related to the Brazilian religion Candomble, but it is not identical.

Although some of its beliefs and most of its practices existed in the late 19th century in almost all Brazil, it is assumed that Umbanda originated in Rio de Janeiro and surrounding areas in the early 20th century, mainly due to the work of Zélio Fernandino de Moraes, who practiced Umbanda among the poor Afro-Brazilian population. Since then, Umbanda has spread across Brazil, neighboring countries like Uruguay and Argentina and, Europe.

Important is that there isn't uniformity of belief among the followers of the Umbanda, yet there certain beliefs that are widely held. These beliefs include faith in a supreme deity, who has various representations. Many followers of Umbanda also believe that various Catholic saints emit divine energies and forces called Orixas.