Many followers of Umbanda also believe that various Catholic saints emit divine deities and forces called Orixás. 
These deities represent and are presented by the Forces of Nature, are archetypal vibrations and manifestations connected to the existence as a whole, from macrocosmic to microcosmic realities. 

Some main Orixás are:

He is the chief Orixá who represents the Lord's Light, the Beginning, the Verbum. His celestial is the Sun, his ritual day is Sunday and his sacred color is white. 

Yemanjá: She represents the feminine principle of creation. She is linked to the sea (and so considered the patron of fishermen) and to the moonlight. Her celestial body is the ocean, her ritual day is Saturday, and her sacred colors are bright blue and silver. 

Xangô: He is the lord of justice and represents the lightning bolt. His ritual day is Wednesday and his sacred colors are red and/or brown. He is evoked when people need justice. 

Oxum:  She is the goddess of the rivers, of money, and of love. She is worshipped on Saturday and her sacred color is yellow and navy blue. 

Ogum: He is a warrior that protects people in the military. He is evoked when someone wants help in a battle. His ritual day is Tuesday, and his sacred colour is blue in Candomblé and red in Umbanda. 

Oxóssi: He is a hunter and protector of Nature. His day is Thursday and his sacred color is green. 

Omolu: He is the Lord of Death and Diseases, the Orixá that brings health and heals. He is evoked when someone is sick, in order to cure. His ritual day is Monday, and his sacred colours are black and white or yellow and white.