Agenda 2021

During Covid we hadn't the opportunity to receive our dear teachers from Brazil. We hoped for a reunion with them in August 2021 but, it seems that the travel restrictions brings us closer to September or October. So a little bit more of patience is asked from us.

In the mean time we opened again our Umbanda meetings, workshops and ceremonies on a small scale in July and August 2021. For all meetings we have Covid restrictions in place and we have limits in group size.

Agenda summer 2021:
August 21, 22 and 23 : Umbanda workshop with three ceremonies Afro/Brazilian traditions. Dance, sing and celebrate.

August 28 : Singing and drumming circle Umbanda pontos to call the Orixa's.

August 30 - Sept. 4. :  Umbanda Integration practices. How to bring the teachings, prayers and insights from the Umbanda religion into your daily life.

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Thank you and hope to meet in good health and spirit.